Slot machines: the underside of the most popular gambling game

Slot machines: the underside of the most popular gambling game

We love to play online. Internet casino is a real revolution. Sitting quietly in your armchair, a bright, smoke-free room, with no noise that disturbs some of us, our favourite drink on the living room table, the computer within reach. This is what casino evenings are like for most people who play online.

After this preparation phase, when you are finally logged in, if you are a slot machine lover, you will have to choose the one or ones that will spice up your evening. But nowadays, there is not a single casino on the Internet that has less than 20 slot machines. They are all classified according to characteristics that you may not be aware of. As your guide, it is our mission to describe them to you. Don’t forget that there are dozens of reliable guides to slot machines, just look for the good ones! Slot machines are numerous and all different:

In online casinos, traditional slot machines are absolute vintage references

These are the slot machines that most closely resemble those that were in saloons and other places of worship that hosted slot machines at the beginning of the last century. This slot machine is usually very simple, with 3 reels usually with only one payline. Although the resolution of the graphics can be pretty, there is no particular animation.

These are slot machines that can be aimed at a beginner audience who would like to have a first experience with the online penguin bandits on an online gaming site or other players who would like to go back in time, with a room dedicated to “old school” machines. Their symbols are not varied and remain in the annals, such as this “bar” symbol which generally brings you a significant amount of money! No free spins, but possible jackpots to win, depending on the cash you insert.

Virtual casinos feature modern slot machines with more paylines

As the name suggests, these slots will have multiple paylines. This means that there will not just be one central line as in the classics that will determine a payout but several that can be horizontal, vertical, oblique, etc. They are generally made up of 5 reels and can allow the player to bet more than the basic bet if he chooses to increase the number of winning lines, and therefore his chances of winning.

Wondering what else is going on in casino games? Gambling habits and favourite games vary greatly depending on the culture. We have taken an interest in our French gambling friends. The Old Continent has other views on video slot machines, find out all about the French exception on the 100% slot machines in France guide.

The ultimate symbol of modernity? Video slot machines are the ultimate symbol of modernity, of course!

These machines will take over the system of the multi-line machines, i.e. several bet amounts for several pay lines. However, what will differentiate them is clearly their content. Very often, these machines are built around a theme: it can be the cinema, famous characters such as the Marvels, it can be a film such as The Godfather for example, a city such as Paris, an activity such as motor racing. It doesn’t matter as long as in the game, we find winks to the chosen theme such as the symbols, the interface, …

These machines will often be animated. When you make a winning line, an animation will punctuate the game, it can be sound or video. Same when you access a special bonus, you will have to interact to complete the bonus.

This is actually a much more interactive form of playing slots. They are unanimously approved by the users.

If you are looking for a state-of-the-art game, choose 3D slot machines, you will be bluffed!

These are the latest machines released on the online market. Nowadays, amateur gamblers will all tell you that there is no better machine to have fun online. Among the developers, you will find big names such as Sheriff Gaming and Betsoft who are the two leaders at the moment. The 3D titles are always themed, which are really diverse and varied. The realisations are magnificent at the graphic level. During the game, the animations you had in the video slots, you have them here with 3D effects worthy of cinema films. Afterwards, the game principle remains the same: you have several reels, several paylines and several types of bets depending on what you select.

  • In the online slot machine offer, there really is something for every genre.
  • Whether you’re a classic gambler or a technology enthusiast, there’s a machine for you. 
  • Try it out before you enter a slot machine casino, it will give you an idea of the quality of the establishment. 
  • Then, our advice, to be followed or not, is to change machines from time to time even if you particularly like one, this will allow you not to get bored and to continue to have fun while playing.

And on the whole, what is the place of slot machines in an online casino? The answer here

Online slot machine games are not the only online casino games that are all the rage at the best online casinos! Playing at the casino means total entertainment! To be a real winner at a casino slot machine, it’s simple, just try it all! To do this, play free games that will allow you to test the quality of the graphics, the winning combination that will get you (in real mode) the jackpot, to understand how to bet and double the number of chips won, to train hard for an upcoming tournament, or simply for the fun of spinning the reels!

Of course, keep an eye on the legal disclaimer and make sure that the casino’s front desk offers “player support”, i.e. a customer service department that will answer any questions you may have about slot machine betting or how many times to replay your welcome bonus to unlock the bonus amount. You also need to make sure you can click on a button for a quick return to the welcome desk! The assistance must be there, but must also be able to be discreet, just like the waiters in a restaurant, for example.

To ask them your questions, you should find a “contact” tab or a “contact us” block before you log on to the game site or register (to do this, make sure that the cookies are deleted from your computer, it will be more convenient!). The people who will answer you for free may be able to help you understand which machine to play to win on and thus convince you to switch from free mode to real bets! Depending on how comfortable you are in navigating the help menu, you may also be able to give a “rating”, i.e. a note to the agent who answered you to evaluate his performance.

Depending on the customer service agenda, you can share a time zone with French speakers in several countries, so you won’t have to wait a week for a reply to your email! Save time and to avoid using money for a conversation abroad, check the votes of other players on the forums! Don’t forget to take advantage of bonuses that are offered à la carte or on specific days when deposits are multiplied, such as “happy hours” on Fridays. For example, check the policies of the best casinos, such as Spin Palace or Lucky Nuggets, you will be able to play HD games with generous bonuses!

You won’t make a fortune directly by choosing the free demo slots, but you will gain experience that will lead you on the road to success later on! Playing games, even free slots games for fun, will help you progress and make your fortune later, in real life conditions! If you’re lucky, you’ll be able to win the jackpot on a progressive machine, like the Mega MoolahTM, without doing anything special. Be aware that you can also try games of chance from other publishers, such as Playtech, Rival Gaming, Leander Games or NextGen! By dint of playing and winning, you may become the next casino darling who will invite you to become a VIP!

On the other hand, know that casino bonuses are the other key to winning more. Indeed, each casino has its own policy regarding free bonuses, but admit that you would appreciate getting a nice no-deposit bonus so that you can win the jackpot without even injecting money from your own pocket!

Games of chance are numerous. Among them are, of course, the slot machine game, also known as slot machine, but also video poker games. This is very popular and has many variations and sub-variants, including the famous joker poker and deuces wild.

Table games are the second most numerous category of money games. This is where you will find blackjack, baccarat, craps and all roulette and poker games, such as Texas hold’em.

The last category of games consists mostly of lottery games, although some casinos include other unusual games that you wouldn’t even find in Las Vegas. Bingo and Keno are included in this category, as well as scratch card games. Just as with the new free slots, the new casino games are all available in demo versions, to allow the player to familiarise themselves with new gameplay, designs or features.

Now it’s your turn to play! Have fun and keep a cool head, you won’t regret discovering the world of online casino in our company!

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