Mission Statement

Our Mission

Our mission is to work with our members toward their financial well-being by providing personal and professional service through customized products and services.

Our Vision

To be the financial institution of choice for Nova Scotia Teachers and our Community.

Our Values

  • E – Empathy – We believe in showing care and compassion to members, staff, and all others we work with.
  • S – Stewardship – We believe in the wise use of resources to ensure access to the credit union is maintained for future generations.
  • C – Confidentiality – We believe in privacy for our members.
  • R – Respect – We believe in respecting the dignity and worth of all persons.
  • I – Integrity and Trust – We believe in building trust through honesty, ethical behaviour and professional conduct.
  • P – Principles of Cooperative – We believe in the cooperative principles, including education, participation, and care for our community.
  • T -Teamwork and Collaboration – We believe in working together and encouraging others.

The Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors is elected each year at our annual meeting. As terms expire, new directors are nominated and elected from the general membership for a three year term. As a provincial institution, Teachers Plus Credit Union strives to have equal representation from across Nova Scotia.


The Board of Directors has a responsibility to the law and to the members to ensure authority is exercised in a manner which serves the best interests of the organization.


In order to be eligible to serve as a Director of Teachers Plus Credit Union, the individual must be a Canadian citizen, nineteen years of age and be a member of the credit union.

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